Outlook 2003 : Your Microsoft exchange server is unavailable

Every time open Outlook 2003. System show dialog box that message is " Your Microsoft exchange server is unavailable " . User must crick "Retry" button for complete connection to mail server .It is inconvenience


Remark :
1.I have to attached screenshot for this issue
2.Exchange server 2003 Version
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
This could happen if the Mailbox Database or Exchange is down as well or there is connectivity issues with your Machine and Exchange.

Did you try to access your mailbox using OWA\Webmail ?
Not sure if some DC is unavailable ?

- Rancy
Check ur outlook profile and its configuration then retry again. Also check that ur system is well connected in the internal network environment with internet.
Check the following:

Can anyone else access their outlook?
Can the user access their outlook on a known working PC?
Is the affected computer connect to your network?

If the PC is connected to the network and another user can access their outlook account on your machine then i would try deleting and recreating the users profile as it could be down to a corrupt profile.
ThenkungAuthor Commented:
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