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Why one of my PCs cannot have access to internet through AP and other PC can have access to internet through the same AP?

Why one of my PCs cannot have access to internet through an AP and other PC can have access to internet through the same AP? and the problem PC can have access to internet through other AP with very slow speed. Anyone can do me favor ? Thank you !
2 Solutions
check out the proxy setting in ur system, which do not have internet access....also check out for ip setting in the system
davidy2001Author Commented:
Thanks for your fast reply. I do not set proxy and ip is dhcp setting. When i want to use that AP, i got this message, please see attachment
Maybe that PC uses an old NIC which doesn't support the protocolls and mode of AP it can't connect to. The AP it connects to slowly could be using a mode that is supported by that NIC.

For example old NIC's might only support 802.11 b mode, which is old and uses a low connection speed (11mb), while today's NIC's and AP's support 802.11 g (52mb) or 802.11 n (up to 300mb). On modern AP's often mode b is disabled by default as it can cause problems with security and also saturation so the AP gets unaccessible if someone tries to connect to it using that mode.

A further cause could be that your NIC doesn't support WPA or WPA2 security, and the AP you can't connect to could be using that mode. Older NIC's only support WEP and those should definitely not be used and the NIC replaced.

A further issue could be that you have a bad aerial which reduces the reception.
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Jackie ManCommented:
Can you give details of the NIC of the PC which cannot connect to the AP?
davidy2001Author Commented:
Hi Thanks for your reply. The PC, other PC and AP are using the same WPA2 as before. the problem PC used to connect to the AP, but recently it cannot. Please see the problem PC NIC info in attachment
Can you please Reinstall Wireless Network Card Driver software on that Problem PC...?

Please check the Firewall ( Windows or antivirus ) having problem to connect that AP.

And For Testing Purpose can you give the static IP / Subnet / Gateway & DNS ..?

That PC has the Wired Network card also..?

Vijay kadadi
davidy2001Author Commented:
it work after i changed NIC. Thank all of you

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