Configuring Exchange 2010 Mailbox on Android Platform

We have quite a few iPhones in the company. All of them have their respective Exchange mailboxes configured. This works great.

There are also a few Android phones. They all work fine too.

I have an Android phone and it never works. I enter the exact same details that I would for everyone else. I am a domain administrator. I recall in past that there is an attribute in AD that you need to change for administrators so they can connect their mailbox to any iPhone/Android. Is this the case?
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HowzattConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Reolution was problem was because I am a domain admin. Went into AD, selected my user account, went to security, went to advanced and selected to apply permissions from the parent.

Tried again and worked straight away.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
it looks like it is an old one, running 2.1 ? am I right?
first - try it with another user account to eliminate the phone.
then if the phone doesnt work for another account - you can look at issues with the phone - such as doing updates.
if the other account works on your phone then we can check your account.
easiest way is to use a standard webbrowser on a PC and go to https:\\server\oma login and see if your account works
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If your account is a Domain Admin then I wouldn't expect it to work.
You shoudl be running the split permissions model, where your personal account is not a Domain Admin, but a regular user. Then have a seperate domain admin account.

HowzattAuthor Commented:
solved the issue myself. However thanks to all of those who commented.
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