setting up IIS7,web server

I have setup IIS7 on server 2008R2 and uploaded the files for my web server.But I cant seem to be able to activate my website and when I type there is nothing.

What seems to be the problem?

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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Ok - first things first. You cannot simply copy a bunch of files and expect them to just work.

Step-by-step guide on configuring IIS 7.5 for web sites:

Next - you own your own INTERNAL DNS, yes, but if you want people to access your website externally then you need to register the relevant records with your ISP and take the steps I noted above.

If you only want to access the website internally then in your DNS server you need A records for the site URL
Is it accessible from localhost or the IP address? Also check the DNS is pointing to the correct address. It is currently pointing to
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Things to do:

Register the external DNS records for  and  with your ISP

On your perimeter (external / internet conencted) firewall forward TCP port 80 (and if you intend to use SSL, TCP 443) to the internal IP address of the server running IIS and hosting your website

On the IIS server itself ensure that if the Windows and/or third party firewall is running you are accepting connections on TCP port 80 (and again TCP port 443)

On the IIS server ensure that the default html (e.g. default.html / index.htm - whatever yours is) file is correctly configured - this is explained very nicely here:
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chrishongAuthor Commented:

I am hosting my own DNS server locally,how should I configure my dns records, i am new to windows server,thx
Not sure what you mean by setting up IIS, so I'll just mention, did you set up your bindings, app pool, and physical path in IIS.
chrishongAuthor Commented:

I managed to upload my webserver and point to

But when accessed by  shows error, although i have already given A record to

Any help would be much appreciated,thx.
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