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I use the following command to get ACL entries on folders and sub folders at a specified location.

Get-ChildItem "filepath" -recurse -exclude *.* | ForEach-Object {Get-Acl $_.FullName} | ft -Wrap | Out-File C:\Temp\Permissions.txt -Width 375

Is there a way to have it return only non inherited entries?
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slidingfoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, give this one a try

$paths = Get-ChildItem "filepath"

$output = @()

ForEach ($path in $paths) {
    $acl = Get-ACL $path.FullName
    $isInherited = $False
    ForEach ($item in $acl.Access) {
        if ($item.IsInherited) {
            $isInherited = $True
    if (-not $isInherited) {
        $output += $acl

$output | ft -Wrap | Out-File C:\Temp\Permissions.txt -Width 375 

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Try this
Get-ChildItem "filepath" -recurse -exclude *.* | 
ForEach-Object {
    Get-Acl $_.FullName |
    ForEach-Object {
        $_.Access | Where-Object { -not ($_.IsInherited) }
} | 
ft -Wrap | 
Out-File C:\Temp\Permissions.txt -Width 375

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LindySAuthor Commented:
Not quite what I needed.
I have attached two files. Users_Folder_ACL.txt is what i get when I run the original command.

When I run your suggested command I get the results in permissions.txt.

I need to get the same information I get with the original command, I would just prefer to get only the non-inherited entries.
LindySAuthor Commented:
That is exactly what I wanted...Thank you.
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