Office 2010 re-activation from VMAT (MAK) fails

We have replaced a HDD from a Win7/Office2k10 machine which was licensed using our VMAT server.
Now when we try and re-licence Office it fails in to console with - unknown error (0x8004fe33).  When opening word on the client machine it says 'Microsoft Office Pro plus 2010 cannot verify the licence for this product.  you should repair the office program by using control panel'.
We are using the same computer name as before.  Win7 licences fine.

Another thing which is odd, is that i managed to get the same issue on a machine that was licensed fine and has not had any changed to the machine (i must have re-licensed this too).

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SteveConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Does the problem happen if you try to relicense using domain admin account ?
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
No.  I have tried that.
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
forgot to add.  the machine that also had this issue, i managed to re-licence it from the desktop activation screen.  but it still shows non genuine in the vamt
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CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Ok, i didn't save the VAMT console and re-opening it shows the machines licensed, but if i update the machine goes into the notification tab and i eventually get the error.

I am thinking of licencing it directly from the desktop, but what are the implications on the machines and licences & count?
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Was this a installation from an image, backup or full reinstall?
CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Image.  Its working now, i forgot to remove the proxy server settings on IE.  Now its proxy updating fine.
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