VBA Programmatically change query field sort order and criteria

Posted on 2012-09-12
Last Modified: 2012-09-21
I have an application that runs a query  "Q01" and a list form that presents the query results and so, its control field is linked to "Q01". The query results in a series of fields "F01", "F02, "F03", etc. (the list of fiels is always the same)

However, depending on conditions, I need to present "Q01" both filtered by specific field values, e.g. F01 > 1234 or, mostly for dates, "F03 > Date1 and F03 < Date2"  and sorted either ascendetly or descendently by another field, e.g. F07.

I need to do this programmatically in VBA

how do I do it?
Question by:jirdeaid
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    How do you establish what the requirements are for any particular execution of this query?
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    by:Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)
    <<I need to do this programmatically in VBA

    how do I do it?

    One simple way to do that is with the query alone; use it with this form alone and have the query refer to controls on the form (these can be hidden) for the criteria:

    >=Forms![myFormName]![mycontrolName] or is null Forms![myFormName]![mycontrolName]

    If you populate the control, the criteria is checked.  If not, the criteria is ignored.

    If you really want to do it with VBA for some reason, you need to open the querydef object, modify the SQL property, save it, then requery the form.

    another way would be to use the form filter and orderby properties.


    Author Comment

    I reckon that the most flexible and straightforward manner even for future documentation will be to try to follow the very last suggestion and setup, programatically the form filter and the orderby properties.

    In my code. I click on a field in a form and the click event should
    a) show a small sign in the clicked field (up/down/nill) for what is the order that the user selects (the code is below, showing that, in the form header (e.g. in the below snippet  the user selected the "F0001_CurrentOwnerID" field and then by requering the Q01 query the new order should appear.
    I still do not have the code for filtering as I do not know the syntax. I suppose that it is something like

    strFilter = "[Q01.FieldName ] = " & Value
    Me.Filter =  strFilter
    Me.Orderby "[Q01.FieldName] ascending"?

    My current code is like below:

    Private Sub F0001_SortOrderCurrentOwnerID_Click()
        Dim IBool As Boolean, _
            strUserID As String, _
            strFieldName As String
        strUserID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_DiasFaltam]
        IBool = InsertLog("F0001_SortOrderCurrentOwnerID_Click", "Click", "", "", "", 0, 0, strUserID, "")
        strFieldName = "F0001_CurrentOwnerID"
        F001_FieldSortOrder (strFieldName)
        Me.F0001_SortOrderPriority = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoPriority]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderDiasFaltam = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_DiasFaltam]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderCurrentOwnerID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_CurrentOwnerID]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoRisk = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoRisk]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoStatusDate = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoStatusDate]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoCurrentStatus = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoCurrentStatus]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoDateFinit = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoDateFinit]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoPercentDone = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoPercentDone]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoID]
    End Sub
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    Accepted Solution

    I'm not sure what all of your "Me.F0001 etc etc" settings are for, but it seems your question is about filtering/sorting on a form?

    If so, your code here:

    strFilter = "[Q01.FieldName ] = " & Value
    Me.Filter =  strFilter
    Me.Orderby "[Q01.FieldName] ascending"?

    Will work (with mods to the Orderby portion), but you also need to toggle those to "ON" after you set them:

    Me.FilterOn = True
    Me.OrderbyOn = True

    Note too that "ASCending" is the default sort order, and you don't need to define it. You define DESCending like this:

    Me.OrderBy = "[YourFieldName] DESC"
    Me.OrderByOn = True

    If you want to sort ASCending, you do this:

    Me.OrderBy = "[YourFieldName]"
    Me.OrderByOn = True

    Although you can include the ASC qualifier if you wish:

    Me.OrderBy = "[YourFieldName] ASC"
    Me.OrderByOn = True

    Author Comment

    Thanks a lot.
    Its almost working right now, I just have a small question. Please feel free not to answer and I'll start a new question.
    On my code I am have a crash the moment I am using the

    Me.FilterOn = True

    My code is below

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Dim IBool As Boolean
        Dim strUserID As String, _
            strFilter As String

        Me.Filter = ""
        If IsNull(Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![CurrentUserID]) Then
            strUserID = "##NA##"
            strUserID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![CurrentUserID]
        End If
        Me.F0001_CurrentOwnerID = "###Impossible##UserID###"
        '[Q01_UserToDoTasks].[T15_CurrentOwnerID] = Nz([Q01_UserToDoTasks].[T15_CurrentOwnerID], "")
        strFilter = " Me.F0001_CurrentOwnerID = " & "[Q01_UserToDoTasks].[T15_CurrentOwnerID]"
        Me.Filter = strFilter
        MsgBox (strFilter)
        Me.FilterOn = True
        Me.F0001_SortOrderPriority = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoPriority]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderCurrentOwnerID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_CurrentOwnerID]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderRisk = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoRisk]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoStatusDate = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoStatusDate]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoCurrentStatus = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoCurrentStatus]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoDateFinit = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoDateFinit]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderPercent = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoPercentDone]
        Me.F0001_SortOrderToDoID = Forms![F91_LoggedUser]![F91_F0001_ToDoID]
        IBool = InsertLog("F0001 Form_Load", "Load", "", "", "", 0, 0, strUserID, "")
    End Sub

    I am getting an error message that I camnot understand. Any clues?

    I am putting below the snippets

    containing the strFilter text

    place in the code where it stops

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    I'd suspect the form is trying to Save the file at this point, and you haven't set the PK value? Just a guess, of course, but as you mentioned, it would probably be a good idea to open a new question for this.

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