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Hi all i am using a package that takes tables from a foxpro Database and puts into Sql

the foxpro database has recntly been upgraded to a different version and ever since then my package is failing.

i get the following

"Error Component source 8 dmcomp (2987) failed validaion and returned validation status VS_NeedsnewMetaData"

i have checked that no new feilds etc have been created in the upgrade and cannot see anything.

can anybody help

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Jared_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This will do it, but be sure to replace varchar(25) with your data type

use DB_opera_copy
 alter table dmcomp
 alter column hourcharge varchar(25) null;
It is far from elegant, but if you edit your package and open the components in your data flow, it will prompt you for automatic metadata updates.
Then save a redeploy your package.

I'll be watching eagerly to see if anyone else has another method to deal with this.
pepps11976Author Commented:
Yes i have already tried that however it seems to be still failing

pepps11976Author Commented:
ok i am going to try to takethis one peice at a time hope someone can help the first error tha i am getting in my package now is

Cannot insert the value Null into column 'hourcharge' table DB_opera_copy.dbo.dmcomp' column does not allow nulls insert fails

Does anybody know how i can get this to accept Nulls
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