regarding sharepoint 2010 404 error

Respected sir,

i was having two machines,  system 1 running services dc and dns,
system 2. sql server 2008 r2 and sharepoint 2010, joined to dc
all installation are running and working fine, when i created a webapplication, and a site collection , when i type the url in client machine i.e win7 i was getting 404 forbidden, sir, can you please help me with the solution,
ps: i created dns records i created a new zone and given a name  created two records 1 is name record and another is alias record but still i am getting 404 forbidden error sir
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Yagya ShreeCommented:
You first need to make sure that you have specific the DNS entry created for the site in AAM i.e alternate access mapping in central admin.
Try to browse the site from the server where its created
Once you can successfully browse from server, try to ping the site from your client machine i.e. Win 7
If you are unable to ping the site from your client, make a HOSTS file entry on you client machine and then ping again.
Once you get a successful ping, you should be able to browse the site.
chakra1974Author Commented:
appreciating the timely help

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