Email routing for two different domain that exist in same subnet........


We have Two Domain in Same subnet that range is 182.16.8.X . Domain name is and ..Domain has configured with exchange 2007 and has been configured with exchange 2010 . now i want to configure email routing for and domain. so that both domain can send and receive email from each other.

Both domain have been configured for internal purpose only..

Rakesh Kumar
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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Create the mx record both domain in internal dns server.


Make sure configured Anonymous Access on the SMTP Receive Connector to receive mail from remote servers that have these IP addresses.

If both server are same active directory domain then you don't have work on the issue.

Default, no explicit Send connectors are created when the Hub Transport server role or the Edge Transport server role is installed. However, implicit and invisible Send connectors that are automatically computed based on the Active Directory site topology are used to route messages internally between Hub Transport servers.

Please refer below article.

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