outlook access when multiple cas servers

I'm building a development environment to mimic current production. I have one server with cas/hub/mailbox roles. This was the original config for the dev.

Current production environment has two cas\hub servers and a CCR mailbox cluster. The cas\hub servers were previously in a NLB cluster. This was dismantled because it is not supported by new network infra.

In the dev environment I have installed two new cas\hub servers. I have also installed a CCR mailbox cluster. If I move a mailbox from the original cas\hub\mbx server to the ccr cluster, I'm not able to connect to it with outlook.

What have I forgotten to configure. Test-OutlookWebservices commandlet does not report any errors that would point to a problem.

I have added an autodiscovery SRV record to dns pointing to a CNAME record which points to the original cas\hub\mbx server host record.

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
There should be nothing to configure.
The Outlook client should be connected to the original server, when you do a move mailbox the client will be updated automatically when it next starts with the new location.

Does the Outlook Outlook test show everything working correctly?

SMCWindowsAuthor Commented:
autodiscover is working now. but it is still not connecting outlook to a mailbox in the ccr cluster
SMCWindowsAuthor Commented:
it seems that, though I have requested it, network guys have neglected to do some port openings in firewall.
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SMCWindowsAuthor Commented:
after tcp 135 and the high ports I configured were opened in the firewall the problem was solved.
SMCWindowsAuthor Commented:
SMCWindowsAuthor Commented:
pointing towards checking the outlook connectivity log helped. i noticed that a dns suffix for the development domain was needed. outlook was only checking for _autodiscover from the production domain of which my admin workstation is a member. This fixed autodiscover. Rechecking network connection did the rest
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