Convert a python program to work on the cloud Google app engine or Amazon EC2

I have a reasonably simple program I have written in python on eclipse that I am looking to move over to amazon ec2 or google app engine as a learning exercise.  it uses the python imaging library to apply filters e.g. sepia & negative, to jpg,bmp and png image files.

My first thoughts were that it would be easiest to move it over on to google app engine, however, the tutorial books I have looked at on google app engine has code that only works with a python 2.5 runtime environment.  I am using a python 2.7 runtime environment as my program is written in python 2.7.  So the tutorial code from these books does not work.  This is all new to me and I am struggling to find accessible guides on how to convert my python program to work with the google app engine python 2.7 runtime environment.  Can anyone suggest suitable guides/ places to look?

I am thinking that perhaps I may not be able to get this to work on google app engine.  Alternatively, how could I go about migrating such a program so that it would be served from an Amazon EC2 cloud?  Are there any accessible guides that are particularly recommended?

Many thanks
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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
If you have it running on your PC, then using Amazon EC2 is really simple.
Consider EC2 as just a smart way to run standard computers.
Therefore, as a learning exercise, do the following:
* Signup to AWS
* Open the AWS console
* Start an instance of your choice (windows or linux). Use the AWS public images as base.
* Install Python and everything that you need to execute.
* Install your code
* Have a beer and rejoice

When you are happy with the learning exercise, you may also want to look at the AWS Elastic BeanStalk product.
conradblueAuthor Commented:
Thanks shalomc!

I will look to find out about how to implement this on Amazon.  Reckon I will have to learn some javascript
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