HTML table columns behaves differently. IE, FF


This is probably very easy but I havent found the solution yet..

I have a table something like this

    <td style="height:130px;">1</td>
    <td style="height:130px;">2</td>
    <td rowspan='2'>3</td>

This looks different in IE and FF.
In FF the height in 1 and 2 column height are 130px, but in IE the column height expands to almost twice as much.

Any ideas on how to make the column height stay at 130 in IE as well?
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dimmergeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm seeing the same results in IE and FF.  You are missing a third column in your second row.
Can you post screen shots of the differences you are seeing?

My screenshot of HTML with FF and IE.
Something else must be overriding the style because as is it works fine.
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