Pulling data from medical monitoring equipment.

What would be the right area to ask questions, or who may have knowledge, regarding regarding reading data from Terumo's CDI and/or Osmetech Opti machines?
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If your device is with RS232, I speak about Osmetech, then I see Data-Export, or just Export in many pages.
What do you do by Export?
I would expect not to print, but to send them on RS232.

What I would do is to connect the device to PC RS232 with the proper cable (?) - here is a problem sometimes, but at least TX and RX to have the inverted and in the beginning try to neglect the other signals. Then use HyperTerminal or better a free RS232 serial port analyzer to see the possible data on port and the status of the signals.
How do you want to extract data from your machine?

What kind of ports do you use? What hardware and what protocol are available?
How fast do you need the data to be pulled?

Do you intend to write your own code or you search/want to use something ready made?
If you write the code then what language do you prefer/use?

I guess you may find the right area after you describe the way how you want to pull data.
Or, perhaps you do not know anything about that machine? Then would be difficult.

Could you point to a hardware, user manual (or better service manual)?

Include your question also in Miscellaneous.

Is your device something like?:

If "yes" then on page 43 is RS232 test. So you will use RS232 serial interrogation.
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