Wireless-N - Four Access Point Warehouse Network - Best practices advice

Hi Experts,

I'm building a wireless network in a warehouse and will be using 4 access points. Handheld bar code scanning computers will be accessing the wireless network to make changes to inventory.

I'm confident that the 4 access points will provide total warehouse coverage. My question is, how best to configure them for smoothest operation. The hand held computer will be moved throughout the warehouse.

I want to ensure continuous communication with the application server while the hand held jumps from one access point to another.  I'm looking for some best-practice advice on how to achieve this.  My plan is to do it this way:

1. Create one SSID
2. Configure each A/P to use the same WPA2 Password
2. Wire each access point back to a centralized switch

An alternative would be wireless repeater and simply extend the wireless network across the warehouse from one tie-in location.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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They need to be on the same channel, same SSID, same WPA2 password. That way you can roam around with no drop in connection. Wire them back to main or setup bridge mode.
You have to configure them with same ssid and same password.  You will have to enable wireless roaming on them.   Also you will have to set them up on different channels usually 5 channels appart.  Another solution would be to use a wireless controller and the 4 access points.
paul_lcsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. I guess I don't know what a wireless controller is. The access points we're using are Netgear Wireless-N access points. I can get the model number if it's important.  

I would have thought they would need to be on the same channel to have the device hop from access point to access point, no?
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here is a nice article for what you need
paul_lcsAuthor Commented:
So we have a disagreement here on whether to use the same channel. In the article that WORKGA referenced, it does recommend different channels
"Use a different channel on each AP. e.g. if you are in the US and installed two access points, use channels #1 and #11. Or if three access points, then use channels #1, #6, and #11 (setting the channels at least 5 apart should help keep interference between APs to a minimum). If you have a residential gateway with wireless turned on, and just one AP, then the same applies: each gets a different channel."

But that may be if you are not roaming between the two.

Anyone else want to chime in?


paul_lcsAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

I put that network together this weekend, using the same SSID, WPA2 key and same channel on all 4 APs.  It works great!  With the handheld device, I'm able to walk anywhere in the warehouse and seemlessly hop from A/P to A/P without losing connection.

Thank you both for your responses!

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