SSRS 2008 Line Chart

The Below script gives me all my intake of apps, its then filtered at the bottom to show only  apps that were auto declined.

These applications are shown perfectly on the line graph in ssrs 2008 i would like to know is it possiable to show a second line on the same chart showing all the intake volumes with out the auto decline filter  

select a.Application_ID
	  ,CONVERT(Date, Application_Date, 103) as Application_Date
	  ,Convert(Varchar(10),Datename(mm,Application_Date)) +' '+ Convert(Varchar(10),year(Application_Date)) as Application_Month
      ,case when a.application_ID in (select application_ID
									from POSTGRESQL.pyramid.[public].ap_applicant applicant
									where employment_status = 'SELF_EMPLOYED') then 'SELF_EMPLOYED'
			else 'SALARIED' end as ValueStream
	  ,case when indicational_decission = 'DECLINED' and score_type = 'APPLICATION_INDICATIONAL' then 'AutoDecline' Else 'NotAutoDecline' End As AutoDecline 
	  ,case when offr.existing_fnb_customer = '1' Then 'FNB_Client'  Else 'NON_FNB_Client' End As Existing_fnb_customer 
into  #Intake 

from POSTGRESQL.pyramid.[public].ap_application a
		LEFT JOIN POSTGRESQL.pyramid.[public].ap_offering_request AS offr ON offr.application_id = a.application_id 
		LEFT JOIN POSTGRESQL.pyramid.[public].lu_offering AS offer ON = offr.offering_id
		Left Join POSTGRESQL.pyramid.[public].ap_application_score score on score.application_id = a.Application_ID

Order by 2

Select *
from #Intake
where ValueStream in (@Valuestream)
	and Existing_fnb_customer in (@Existing_fnb_customer)
	 and application_date  between @StartDate and @EndDate
		and AutoDecline = 'AutoDecline'

Drop Table #intake

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Nico BontenbalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It this what you are looking for. In this example I have a dataset that has the applicationid and the autodeclined field. In the chart I show lines for the total, the declined and the notdeclined values. This is done with an expression for the series like this:

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This results in a line that only counts the "AutoDecline" rows. This way I have taken the filter out of the dataset and into the line itself.
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