Terminal Services Remote App certificate error

Experiencing a certificates problem with RDP file which suppose to open a session to one of the Terminal Server and then open a installed application.

We have 10 Terminal Server in the cluster. We have a RDP file located on the user workstations desktop that opens a RDP session to one of the Terminal Server the Cluster and opens a remote app installed on the server.

As of now I got a error message "The digital signature of this RDP File connot be verified. The remote connection cannot be started" after it launches.
I found that a certificate which signs remote apps expired on all servers. I have renewed a certificate and recreated a RDP file. But I unable to start remote connection because of error" The certificate is not from trusted certifying authority (See screenshoot)

Please help to understand what is going on and how to create RDP correctly.
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Sushil SonawaneCommented:
store the certificate in trust root certification authority on the server and desktop.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Assuming it is an internally generated certificate, do your RDS boxes have the root and intermediate certificates installed on them? Can they contact the root CA for verification?

Ditto the clients you are connecting from - do they have the root and intermediate certs installed etc?
CompGenHospAuthor Commented:
Remote App signed with RapidSSL certificate. But, error in the attached screeshoot is for the self signed certificate.
CompGenHospAuthor Commented:
Found a solution.
"Require server authentication" option has to be checked off under Terminal Server Settings section in the Remote App Wizard.
Thank you.
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