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We have two problems:

Firstly i want to create a read more function for one of our articles on our Joomla website - i understand that it only works in blogs. Secondly we already have a live website online at the moment ( and on the menu item Dev - you will see that we have attempted to make the "read more" function work using the single article layout but it couldn't work as we wanted to because apparently this function works properly when working with blogs. So how do we make it work using the blogs layout? Or is there another way of making it work using the single article mode?
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Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
You already have this question open and I've been working with you to resolve it.  

You are incorrect in your statement that Read More links only work within the blogs.  

The correct statement is that read more links work within articles.  Articles can be displayed in many different ways on your website, one of them being a blog layout.  

So, it doesn't matter how your article is layout, feature layout, single article layout...they should all be able to do the read more link.

If you template is custom it's possible that your readmore link will not work...that's why I suggested that you try it in a joomla environment with a fresh install and using the default template.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS try using a test environment with the default install before attempting in a live environment...until you get the hang of things.

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce the steps below in the following article...if not...there is a problem with your template or jooma setup.
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