Samsung drivers SCX 4725FN Ive 64 bit Win 7 new PC

Anyone know where the drivers are?

Thank you.
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Samsung SCX 4725FN please provide more details as there is a few different types in this model
have you tried Samsung itself?
What is the nature of your problem?
I have windows 7
What I did was to install the software that came with my Cannon first.
and then plugged my Cannon in and presto windows installed it.  No problems.
Have you lost the installation disc?
Please consider to use the recommended method
If you lost, broke or misplaced your printer's installation disk, you can download your printer's driver and other software programs from Samsung's Download Center.  Click here to go to Samsung's Download Center main page now.
 Then click on Printers and select your preferred Printer type coloured multi- functional/ coloured laser / black and white Belt driven/paper handlers/ etc .
a picture of your printer will appear on the right so you can confirm.
then find your model number.
I could only find your provided model number under Black and white, there is no photo to confirm if this is exactly your printer, however here you can find manuals, drivers and even FAQ and How tos troubleshoot, as you can see some show if supported with windows 7
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
If you go to the link you posted and click "See All Downloads", then the Driver link, the fourth one down is "Print Driver (Driver) (ver.3.02)" which is for everything from XP to 7x64.
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