Mailbox migration completed with warnings

Hi Experts,

I hope you can help with this.

We are currently working on migrating from Exchange 2007 to 2010. As such part of the process involves moving mailboxes back a forth whilst we test certain factors. However we have noticed that some corruption occurs to mailboxes going back from 2010 to 2007?

We seem to always get the error
"Warning: Failed to reset the target mailbox after the move.
Error details: Not connected."

After which sometimes the mailbox becomes inaccessible

Any ideas why this occurs as i thought migration between the two exchange versions was supported?
James GlenIT EngineerAsked:
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Move Mailboxes from Exchange 2010 Servers to Exchange 2007 Servers

Check the few points mentioned if not taken care of issues could be seen.

- Rancy
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