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Hello Experts,

I have a small slide deck of say 10 slides. How do I number the slides so that the first 5 are numberless and slide 6 starts numbering at number 1?

From a presentation viewpoint the slides must remain in order - it is just the numbering that needs to change for printing.

The only way I can think of is manually on each slide - surely there must be an easier way?


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Strangely no built in way. It can be done with a macro

Sub nums()
'NOTE won't work in 2003
Dim x As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim startnum As Integer
startnum = InputBox("Where to start numbering")
For i = 1 To ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
If i >= startnum Then
ActivePresentation.Slides(i).HeadersFooters.SlideNumber.Visible = True
x = x + 1
GetNum(ActivePresentation.Slides(i)).TextFrame.TextRange = CStr(x)
ActivePresentation.Slides(i).HeadersFooters.SlideNumber.Visible = False
End If
Next i
End Sub

Function GetNum(osld As Slide) As Shape
For Each GetNum In osld.Shapes
If GetNum.Type = msoPlaceholder Then
If GetNum.PlaceholderFormat.Type = ppPlaceholderSlideNumber Then
Exit Function
End If
End If
End Function

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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I tried to start page number at -4 (in order to get page 1 on slide number 6, but PP won"t accept negative values. I think manually is the only way to go, unless you make 2 presentations of 5 slides each!
This is convoluted, but it just might work.

1. Create a new slide layout for the numberless slides. (You can duplicate the existing layout if you want.) Remove the number placeholder from that layout. (Just select and delete it on the slide layout.)

2. Apply this layout to the numberless slides and remove any page numbers that might remain.

3. Move these slides to the end of the deck. (I know, I know, hear me out.)

4. Set up a Custom Show. It's on the Slide Show tab of the Ribbon. Put the slides in the order you want them to show there.

5. Tell PPT to run the custom show in Slide Show | Set up Show so that's what runs whenever you choose Start Slide Show from Beginning (or hit F5).
ketkanaAuthor Commented:
JSRWilson: Thanks for the prompt response. Strange how something so basic could be left out of standard functionality.

The macro works a treat.
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