Trying to get RemoteApp on 2008 to serve a 16bit Windows application

I'll try to be concise:

Users on 2008 R2 x64 terminal server, roaming profiles with everything redirected.

After some reading it seems like a good solution to maintain access to this 16bit app was to install a 32bit Server 2008 box and configure RemoteApp.  That's where I am stuck.  I have a fresh 2008 VM (32bit) fully patched.

This app is WolfPAC, written in Focus 6.
Our existing working shortcuts are like this:
Start-in folder is p:\pathtodata

When I feed that shortcut into the RemoteApp wizard it pulls out the focshell.exe part fine and it will even run.  The result is that focshell.exe opens but not the application that it's supposed to run (interpreted language I think?).

I tried replacing the Location field in the RemoteApp properties with the UNC path to the actual .lnk file.  Same result here, focshell loads and not the desired app.

I tried creating a .cmd file containing only "start /d pathtodata pathtoapp", and pointing RemoteApp at that, and the result here changes by just showing a blue (if I click details) window which stays open for ~20 seconds then closes itself.  Running the .cmd file manually works though.

I'm trying the RDP files locally on the remoteapp server and the R2 terminal server.

I tried manually editing the RDP file created by RemoteApp to include:
shell working directory:s: \\server\app\data

Thanks for reading, and any assistance.
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gnivlerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This app apparently is not compatible with RemoteApp, closing the question as unresolvable.
gnivlerAuthor Commented:
No ideas or suggestions offered.
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