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I am behind the times   :)
I've heard there is backup software such as Norton Ghost that can backup ever minute!    Amazing.

Anyway, a friend was going to give me Acroni True Image Home 2010.   But I'd like a quality product....

Any thoughts?
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Practically every product available is better than any symantec product is (ie ghost). Also, ghost is an imaging / cloning product and not meant for backups. If you really need a "quality" product I'd suggest shadowprotect from StorageCraft. It has a version that does a delta backup up to every 15 minutes if necessary. But as far as I know such products are generally only available for server OS's and expensive:

The home versions will probably not have that feature.

A cheaper but also very good manufacturer for backup software is paragon. For personal use they have a free version which is very good:
Here you have some side by side comparison:

I do use Acronis true image workstation advanced in some cases. It is not perfect, but quite good product.
It all depends on your needs.
RaiderNationDelegateAuthor Commented:
My needs are to have the computer do automatic backups - say, every hour.    I'm Rindi has strong opinions about Norton  :)
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I can not judge ghost or any of other mentioned software, because I'm not really familiar with them.
Backup and imaging software are becoming more and more similar. I could say the real difference between them is that backup software focus on backup selection of single file, which you can extend with selection of additional files, folders, drives...
On imaging software you by default select drive (partition) you want to backup (image) and then you can make exclusions of separate folders, files,...

Again, I don't know what options does have Acronis True Image home edition, but with workstation ed. you can select virtually any schedule you imagine, with lots of "if - then" options.
I normally do a full image of computer once a week, on other days I use differential backup (image).
Full image of 100 GB partition over network is done in cca. 2 hours and user in that time notices only a minimal slowdown. Daily diff. backups are normally done in 5-10 minutes.
At the backup location you get a set of files (images), where which you can easily browse and access separate files at the time when backup started.
You can also easily restore the whole computer in the case of failure. You can even start to use the computer before the restoration has completed.

I guess most of backup/imaging software cover your needs, so the best way is to try different products to see what suites you best. If you start with Rindi's suggestions you won't miss  a lot, as I guess he has a lot of experience in this area.

p.s. Backup exec I prefer for server backups
You can also take a look at SyncBack.

Comes in three flavors, Pro - SE - Free.
Just get the version with the features you need.
Acronis True Image Home 2010 does incremental backups.  However, I use the full image backup, since it is faster to restore and I keep my data on a separate partition/volume.
Thank you much.     : )
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