Citrix XenApp5 pop-up when starting

We have recently updated our Citrix servers (Windows Server 2003 with XenApp5 to Hotfix Rollup 7 and the Post roll up updates) and now when users with the receiver client start Citrix up they get a pop-up instead of the usual citrix start up. I have attached pictures of each. Is there any setting we could use to get the previous start up back?

I named the picture of what we want Citrix to look like good and I named what we have bad.

We are using Receiver 3.3 and are about to get Windows Server 2008 XenApp 6.5 servers and we would also like them to use either the same or similar login screens as "Good.jpg".

Thanks for any help you may provide!
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Citrix receiver is the latest one and going forward this will be standardized. No more different client for different type of access/devices. Citrix plans to makes it universal with Citirx receiver so apps can be delivered to any devices like ipad, iphone, laptop, desktops etc using receiver.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
The "good" outcome you are referring to in your screenshots is by design the launching popup of the citrix plugin version prior to V. 12.

However, the "bad" outcome is again by design how it changed in the newer versions 12 and above. The Citrix Receiver 3.3, contains the Citrix plugin v. 13.x.x.x.

This is by desgin of the Citrix online plugin! It has nothing to do with the update to rollup pack 7.
lawsupportAuthor Commented:
Whenever I connect to some of my servers it gives me the "good" screen even though I am using the Receiver 3.3 . When the problem originally occurred we just assumed that it was because of the receiver, but now 2 or 3 of our Citrix servers start up with the "good" screen and the rest start up with the "bad" which I thought was weird. Thanks again for your help!
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:

Could it be that you have the receiver coexisting with an older version that was not removed properly?!!
lawsupportAuthor Commented:
When we updated clients to the receiver we actually completely reimaged the computer from scratch so there is no previous client installed on there.

I have had a ticket open with Citrix for a couple of weeks and they have not found any solution, but after I sent them the information about the how we get the "good" screen I got a call from a next level technician within 5 minutes. Hopefully they can resolve it!

The only reason I even care is because our "You have 7 days to change your password. Would you like to change it now?" pop up gets covered up by the "bad" pop up and it will cause Citrix to hang for 5 minutes during log on if the user does not click anything.
It is normal as design ...would u use the old version e.g. web plugin
lawsupportAuthor Commented:
I am currently working with Citrix on this issue. I am waiting to hear back from them after the last thing we tried. They seem to think something like a "Reverse Seamless" happens with the old one that is not happening with the new one. The tech I have been speaking with seems to think there is a good chance of fixing it.
lawsupportAuthor Commented:
Citrix gave me an early copy of Receiver 3.3.1 which did pull the pop up into citrix instead of it being on the outside, but the Change your password dialog box would not go in front of it.
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