windows xp will not boot molrmally or in safe mode? how do i get to previous restore point from this ?

got a user thaT SYSTEM FROZE UP TODAY USING ITUNES, ETC.. WENT TO REBOOT, and system went into 'sorry for the inconvenience....'error message, user tried the 'last known good config'., no go.
tried to boot into safe mode, and after the scrolling text, it brought him back to the 'sorry for the inconvience' erro.
looks like were in a loop.
how would/do i get to the 'go back to previous restore point' from here if i cant get to safe mode or anything?
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MarcHelfandConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
thanks experts!
in this case i know of the repair usingf the boot cd rom... however, im not onsite, and was looking more for any ideas to do without the cd rom, possibly from some boot command or attempt.
any ideas? otherwise i will go into office and boot to cd, and gointo repair install.
doublestickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the XP CD and do a repair.

On the options screen it lets you restore to another point.
KevzJDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As per the previous comment, a XP CD should fix this. If you put a XP CD into the machine and boot in to it. At the menu select "R" and it should launch the repair console.
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Are you able to provide us with the full error message please?
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
not until tomorrow afternoon, im going into office.
try repair first, then..
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i suggest to test the ram and disk first, sinc e many freezing are caused by it
best download UBCD and reun memtest86+ for ram, and the disk diag (under HDD) for your disk brand :                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD

here is how to do the rapir then - if needed            Repair install  XP
You have 2 options:
boot from xp cd  go to console chkdsk the boot drive
repair install.
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
thanks experts. it all worked when i arrived to office, however as i mentioned i was initially seeking a method to do from logmein...
thanks all
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