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I have a client with Exchange 2010 that receives SecureEnvelope.html¿ attachments that when open redirects to a secure email web portal.  This works fine with outlook but a hand ful of users do not come onsite and uses OWA.  Somehow OWA is stripping the content of the html attachment and keeping it from redirecting.  

I have tried playing around with the Computer File Access tab under OWA properties, but was not successful.  Any help is appreciated!
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completecomputingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have now configured Outlook Anywhere and configured the users computer with Outlook instead of using OWA.  This is allowing them to view the emails that they are needing and will probably be a better solution for the long run.
Check the solution provided in the KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958881

This is for E2007, however worth checking details on your E2010 box.

completecomputingAuthor Commented:
I did try that with no success, thanks for the reply
completecomputingAuthor Commented:
I wasn't able to get OWA to work with these emails and found how to configure Outlook Anywhere while searching Google.
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