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WSUS Initial Approval

I know volumes have been written about WSUS but I'm having a hard time understanding something specific...

I just finished installing a WSUS box and all went according to Microsoft's step-by-step deployment guide.  Where I'm stumbling is knowing how to handle the initial approval of updates.  Until now, all clients have been set to update themselves automatically so most likely 5 workstation are going to be patched up 5 different ways.  I have created 'Views' for each OS in the WSUS console which helped things but now I am wondering how to start the task of sifting through all of the patches.  One thing I should note, I went ahead and approved all Critical Updates which just makes sense I think.  Any guidance on where to start with this ominous task.

Also, I do not want IE9 installed just yet.  However, some workstations already have it installed and rather than rock the boat with users I would like to just leave them installed but still provide updates.  If I don't approve the actual update of IE9 but approve the updates to IE9 will they still be installed.  Probably a stupid question but I'm not assuming anything with WSUS at this point.

Thanks in advance for your help.
1 Solution
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
If you set your view of the update list in WSUS to see all unapproved updates that are "Failed or Needed" this should give you an accurate list of those updates that are not installed on your workstations. It will, of course, show failed or needed updates for ALL of the workstations.  

As for your IE9 question, what I would be inclined to do would be to put the workstations that already have IE9 installed into a separate group so that you can approve the IE9 updates separately for that group.  I would normally expect that WSUS would not try to install an IE9 update on a workstation that doesn't have IE9 already installed, but I'm just being super cautious.  IE9 itself will show up on your list of updates to be installed, so you have to be careful not to approve that to be installed until you're ready. I would NOT decline it, which would remove it from the list completely.

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