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I am trying to design a logo but I want the base to be a shield/crest. I messed around with trying to develop one but I could get the edges even, smooth, and rounded over the whole crest. Below is a link to a style of shield I would like to use but I want to make my own and not just download someone's work. All I need is a way to draw the outline of the shield, I will handle the coloring and center my self. I just need a technique to draw a perfectly measured shield outline.
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David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@ captin,

I like your method, however I suggest that Matt raise and curve the upper line before flipping.
It can be difficult, even for the best of us to get an exact match on both sides of an arc.

Putting in both arcs, then flipping and checking the result. If they are not what he wants, CTR+Z back and make the changes.

It is also helpful to drag a guide line from the ruler to the center point where the two sides will join together.

One last point. When using Ctr+J to join two points, I always press Ctr+Alt+J first and average the two point to the exact same spot. Otherwise, Ctr+J by itself may join them with a line segment making two control points. These two control points, so close together, can cause a lot of headaches when trying to adjust a line.

In fact, it is automatic whenever I am joining two points into one that I press Ctr+Alt+J (then press enter with my pinky) and Ctr+J all in one step. There used to be a shortcut that averaged and joined at the same time, but it seems to have disappeared.

Very nice of you to add the illustrations! Very helpful.
Hi Matthew_B
I dont use Adobe Illustrator sorree, have you looked into youtube for tutorials?
here's a youtube video
How To Make VECTOR SHIELD EMBLEM Part 1 in Adobe Illustrator
and another

but let me introduce you to Inkscape
 An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
Here's a simple guide how to make a shield using Inkscape.
with nice relaxing music lol
It really is worth it to have several tools,
you could make it one and enhance it in another.
Included in my image editing tools is
Check out this shield made in Paint dot net.
Basic of drawing a shield in Paint dot Net
Add youtube downloader so you keep them for references.
that's how I learn and saves running them over and over on the web.
Hope it assist you
captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To do this you ought to start with one half first. You will need the Direct Selection and Convert Anchor Point tool for this
DST top CAP tool selected
Draw two lines to form half of a triangle. It should consist of one horizontal line and one diagonal line. The two lines meet in the top left so that the top endpoint of the diagonal line and the left endpoint of the horizontal meet.

The bottom endpoint of the diagonal line and the right endpoint of the horizontal should line up vertically:
half triangle
Then you join the two end points by selecting them with the Direct Selection tool (white arrow) and pressing CTRL or COMMAND + J.
only endpoints top left selected
Now you use the Convert Anchor Point tool to shape the diagonal line to a curve.
anchor conversion
Select Object>Transform>Reflect and specify vertical access and choose Copy
Press 'Copy'
Align so that they intersect and joint the open endpoints as shown using the Join command again. You need to join them one at a time so top on then bottom ones or vice versa.
Join the shield
Remove the middle anchor on the top line using the Delete Anchor point tool from the same tool menu then the Convert Anchor Point tool. Now you have one straight line across the top. Use the Convert Anchor point to give the top line shape.
shape top line
This makes your shield shape.

@ captainreiss    
Nice tutorial  :)
pretty similar to Inkscape.
Hi D_B

thanks for the helpful additions. The addition of ALT is a neat trick.

I had thought about illustrating it on top line being curved before flipping, but it was a trade of between anticipating how lines would meet and redoing it multiple times or the try and error of curving the full length after the flip.

You would think that using a vertical guide in the centre of the shield to adjust to and using the convert anchor tool to align the endpoint of the direction line with the guide, would do it. But alas it is only a very close approximation.

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