Outlook 2011 for Mac: Setting up a second POP account

How do you set up a second POP account on Outlook 2011 for Mac?  

I'm trying to help our sales guy in another state set up his second email on his first Mac.  He's never used a Mac before.  I'm a PC person and I'm not sure how to set this up for him.
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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Easy enough tools | Accounts and add (+)

If needed see for example:


BartelgroupAuthor Commented:
This works if you're only adding a POP account.  My co worker was adding a pop account in addition to another pop account.  He ended up taking Mac classes just to figure out how to work his computer and he figured it out there.  I'm not sure what he did and maybe this worked...
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