You need to Format disk in drive

I have a flash drive that has data on it, but now when I insert it in any Windows machine i get a message informing me "You need to format the disk in drive X. Do you want to format it now?"  Is there anyway (free software or process) to access the data before I format? I've tried the free version of GetDataBack and Recuva.
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What sort of results did you get from GetDataBack and Recuva?
Jackie ManCommented:
Try to download Ultimate Boot CD ISO file and burn it to a CD.

Boot your PC from the UBCD and run TestDisk or PhotoRec to check whether the data could be recovered.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if getdataback cannot help you -nor Recuva -
it can be the card became just bad, and must be replaced
you can try several other softwares  - if you like to try:

if you really need the data on it, use a recovery service :                              Free Data Recovery                        data recovery Company                                 "           "                   "                     "           "                   "
In one curious instance, I had formatted a USB flash drive with a computer that had "MacDrive" installed.  Despite the drive being formatted by Windows, it could NOT be accessed in another Windows computer, nor could it be accessed by an iMac running XP in a virtual machine, both machines returning the same error you are getting.  Once the MAC user installed "MacDrive" in XP's virtual machine, the drive again became accessible.  It was also accessible on the computer that originally formatted it.  Strange, but true.
ronkennAuthor Commented:
Will check out suggestions & let u know asap (just been a bit too busy). Thx for suggestions.
ronkennAuthor Commented:
The very next day after my last post, the person took their flash back and reformatted it. I'll give credit to a couple of suggestions though, I'm sure to use them in the future.
Thank you much.    : )
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