MS PPT, DataSheet for Bar Chart

I am using MS PPT 2003 SP3

When creating a Bar chart, I populate the
DataSheet with the following info:

        B    C     D        E      F
        One  Two   Three    Four   Five
1        20   30       40     50     60

Open in new window

When I am done I see a chart with BARS with the values on top

I do not see the row headers ('One', 'Two', 'Three', ...)

I have seen the row headers be shown at the bottom of the bar chart
before, but I can not find a way to enable that

How can I do that, what path should I take ?

Los Angeles1Asked:
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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you select that row when creating your chart, Excel should use those cells for the X axis automatically.

But you should be able to add those to a completed chart by right-clicking one of the series in your chart and choosing Select Data. In that dialog, click the Edit button under the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels. Select the cells with the axis text (One, Two, Three, etc.), then click OK to get back to the dialog. Click OK again to close the dialog.
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