Help mounting 2.5" drive in PC for data recovery please

Hi Guys,

I have an old 2.5" Hitachi HTS428060F9AT00 drive (Travelstar DK23FA-60) which was removed from my customers Sony Viao since it would not boot.

I need to recover data from this drive but only have the option of mounting in standard PC (IDE or SATA interface)

I understand this drive has an ATA 100 interface so need some sort of adaptor.
The ones I've seen (normal sources) seem to imply they convert ATA-100 spec'd mother boards to SATA will these do the job of connecting this drive to a SATA connection on a 'recovery' PC.

I'm looking at things like

Is there a difference between the ATA-100 physical connector on a 2.5" drive and that on a 3.5" drive. Indeed does the ATA-100 spec define the physical nature of the connector ??

I just need to know what to purchase to allow the drive to be mounted (temporarily) in a SATA or IDE based PC.

TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAsked:
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here a cheap one : 4.95$
if you want one to use with all drive models, i suggest one with its own power supply 14.95$  :

**note that the first one is FASTER than the more expensive one, since it works over IDE, not over USB
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
For HDD2.5 you need for sure the IDE connector designed for 2.5 interface. The one for 3.5 will simply not suit.
I am using the one from Vantec suggested by nobus, I recommend you that one also.
TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,
Sorry for, again, not being 100% engaged here but found an independent source to the same thing. This does however do the job and is what I was looking for.

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