How do I point external traffic at my servers?

I have been dealing with small business servers for years with pop connectors and POPCon etc, but I now want to develop and point records at my servers. I know I need a static IP and I need Mx Records changed to point to my box, but I can't find anywhere that explains where/how I'd send to one server and to another and www etc. Im sure it's a simple answer, but it's easier asking here than face to face and have people roll their eyes.

Please help?
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mikey1hConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you would need an mx record in the DNS Server for mail, however, create an A record for each Subdomain   (FTP, WWW, etc)  theA Record will simply point all  traffic to , say, to ip address    once you have the server listening on that IP Address, the client software should access on the correct port (FTP port 21, www port 80, https port 443, etc)    Incidentally, the subdomain name has NOBEARING on the listening port   you could create a domain called   that is pointed to  and connect a weberver to that ip address.     then when someone goes to the domain from Firefox,etc, it will ask on port 80 and the webserver will respond...    In the same aspect, you could have one box running multiple servers (web,ftp, mail, etc)and create multiple A Records poiting to the same IP Address.....depending on the port requested by the client, the correct server will respond.      An Example is mysetup... I have and both pointing to the same linux server.   Outlook talks to port 21 and 110  and Firefox shoots to port 80 or 443 and takes me to the right sites.   BUT....   if I point firefox to, it will still load the www page because the A records still point to that IP Address
BianaryBarbarianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
whoever owns your domain (godaddy,,etc) should have a DNS table for the domain that can be updated to the IP address of those actual devices assuming they are open to the net.
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Wherever you registered your domain you can go into their domain management tools.
The bare minimum is a NS (name server) record that points to your external IP, you're supposed to have 2 Name Servers.

If you go this route then you would manage all of the domain records
MX server_ip_address_that_has_exchange
A  www  server_IP_address_that_hosts_the website
you could have subwebsites

you could use any form of server software, i.e. Linux or Microsoft handling the DNS tasks.
like so
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't actually have to have a staic IP.  I have bloged about configuring SBS for remote access and e-mail services using a DDNS service and a dynamic IP.
RichJSAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. The mx and a record story was exactly what I was looking for. Heard of them and knew they pointed, but didn't know how. All the answers were great.
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