Normal temperature for outside/bottom of laptop?

I have an Dell D620 and it seems very cool but the bottom seems a little warm.

I have an infrared thermometer and am trying to figure out the normal range of temps.  What is too hot?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that is the only important temperature - internal!
there  is nothing specified for the outside - but the cooler the better
the bottom may warm up where the cpu and vido chips are; if you doubt they warm up too much, use speedfan to monitor the temps, and compare with the max cpu temp listed
The outside is too hot when the laptop starts to slow down or shut off.  If you want an actual value, I would use the hard drive as the limiting case - no more than 120F, which would mean the inside is hotter and may be damaging the hard drive.
gta2011Author Commented:
So if the bottom is warm and is showing my 30-40C, that is fine right.

I just had a client complaining that it was too hot.

And from what I can tell from these responses and Googling, internal temperature measuring is far more prudent and important than the outside case temp, correct?
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