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Access - vbYesNo

Posted on 2012-09-12
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-09-12
Good evening (or morning wherever you may be)...

Have a bit of code that I've never done much with.  I needed a Msgbox to come up and ask for a Yes/No answer and do some code part of which goes to another tab for some checkbox selections, if it was yes.. that part is working.

However, if I click NO, I want it to cancel and return to the same tabbed form where I started.  It's still opening the other tabbed form.

The command button that starts all of this is on Page1 which is:
If the Yes/No gets selected as NO then it needs to return to this form.

This is the code for the Command button that starts my code.
Private Sub cmdClearChip_Click()
    Dim LResponse As Integer, lngMyRptgSeqID As Integer, lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID As Integer, i As Integer
    Dim strCriteria As String
    LResponse = MsgBox("You selected Clear Chip Reporting.  Are you sure this is a WV Lottery Clear Chip reporting?" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
    "PLEASE NOTE: You must select the particular Machine or Machines that are being Clear Chipped.  Check the box of any Machine that the Lottery is performing a Clear Chip!", vbYesNo, "CLEAR CHIP REPORTING")
    Me.cboSelectedLVLRptgType.RowSource = "SELECT LVLRptgTypeID, LVLRptgType FROM LVLReportingType WHERE (((LVLRptgType)=" & "'Clear Chip'" & "))" & ";"
    Me.cboSelectedLVLRptgType = Me.cboSelectedLVLRptgType.ItemData(0)

Application.Echo False
    Call NewLVLControl
    lngMyRptgSeqID = GetMyShiftSeqID()
    lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID = GetMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID()
    CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO ShiftReportingEndCountCtl (ShiftRptgLVLCtlID, CountType) VALUES (" & lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID & "," & 3 & ")", dbFailOnError
    Call GenerateLVLMachineLines3(LResponse = vbYes)
    strCriteria = "[ShiftRptgLVLCtlID] = " & lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID
    Forms![frm_DataReporting]![ShiftReportingLVL].Form.Filter = strCriteria
    Forms![frm_DataReporting]![ShiftReportingLVL].Form.FilterOn = True
    Parent.Page1a.Visible = True
        i = 10
        Do Until i = Val(Forms![frm_DataReporting]![LVLReportingTypeSelect].Form![txtNbrMachines])
        Forms![frm_DataReporting]![ClearChipSelectMachines].Controls("lblCkBox" & i).Visible = False
        Forms![frm_DataReporting]![ClearChipSelectMachines].Controls("CkBox" & i).Visible = False
        i = i - 1
Application.Echo True

End Sub

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AND This is the Yes Answer part (at least as I understand it it's the Yes part)
Private Sub GenerateLVLMachineLines3(IsClearChip As Boolean)
Dim bytCounter As Byte, lngMyRptgSeqID As Long, lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID As Long, i As Integer, z As Integer
Dim strSQL As String

lngMyRptgSeqID = GetMyShiftSeqID()
lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID = GetMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID()
    i = 1   ' This counter is for Inserting Active Currency Seq to End Count tbl
    z = DMax("ShiftEndCountCtlID", "ShiftReportingEndCountCtl", "ShiftEndCountCtlID")
    CurrentDb.Execute "UPDATE ShiftReportingLVLCtl SET ClearChipReporting=" & True & " WHERE ShiftRptgLVLCtlID= " & lngMyShiftRptgLVLCtlID, dbFailOnError
    Do Until bytCounter = Me.txtNbrMachines
        bytCounter = bytCounter + 1
    CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO ShiftReportingLVL (LVLPositionNbr, RptgSeqID) VALUES (" & bytCounter & "," & lngMyRptgSeqID & ")", dbFailOnError
    Do While i <= Forms![frm_DataReporting]![LVLReportingTypeSelect].Form![txtCntAllActiveDenominations]
        strSQL = "INSERT INTO ShiftReportingEndCountDetails (ShiftEndCountCtlID, DenominationID) SELECT " & z & ", DenominationID FROM [qry_Denomination_All_Active] WHERE [AllActiveDenominationSeq]= " & i
        CurrentDb.Execute strSQL, dbFailOnError
        i = i + 1

End Sub

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Question by:wlwebb
LVL 35

Accepted Solution

Norie earned 2000 total points
ID: 38393413
You never test the response from the message box, so no matter what is pressed the code will just continue on.

To check the response for No you can use the following code which should go after the message box.

It stops the code if No is pressed.
If LResponse =VbNo Then
      Exit Sub
End If

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 38393473
PERFECT!!! Thank you!

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