Imagining multiple systems

Can someone help me out? I've got about 50 machines to setup an would like to make an image an then put it on all the systems and it work.  What I'm running into is the dell gx620s even though same model have so far 3 different processor configurations (part no different too). So when I use imagex I get the good ol Hal.dll error.   Is there a free app or something to make this work regardless of the components. Other than Microsoft distribution services?  Looking for something simple to make my life easier. Thanks.
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TechyTAuthor Commented:
found its easier to use symantec ghost.  don't get errors
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Abandon windows xp is my suggestion.. most computers these days are acpi multi processor so you should not be getting hal.dll problems.
imo, you should make an image for each different hardware config, and use that to distribute across the same hardware platforms

are you awore that GX620 are subject to badcaps?

best look for swollen or leaking ones, and replace them before imaging
they sell the cap kit here :
TechyTAuthor Commented:
no other solution solved issue
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