windows 2008 R2 NPS license

hello expert
i am deploying wired 802.1x, with Cisco switch and NPS as radius server.
the problem is while i point radius to a previous NPS, it works well, but new built up NPS doesn't, while i am testing authentication on the switch, i got the following info
SW-01#test aaa group radius MYNAME ******** legacy
Attempting authentication test to server-group radius using radius
No authoritative response from any server.
my understand is the server not response authentication request.

also another strange is while i create new radius client in NPS via /24 network, it show me the following message, it said license issue(check attach please), if i create the client with a host, it no problem, also all works on previous server, i am circus does NPS need license?

could you let me know whats wrong with the server?

thank you
warnning message
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BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
Radius clients are usually single clients, no address ranges, nevertheless Enterprise edition accepts such settings.

As Enterprise edition is unlimited, I guess that the test does not happen.
So to be really sure about this, you may have to enter 50 single radius clients and the 51st may fail.
beardog1113Author Commented:
but if in type in while add radius client, i am also got this message, it absolutely less than 50, any ideas?

thank you
beardog1113Author Commented:
thank you
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