Removing multiple accounts with UID 0

We are running a RHEL 6 server, and for reasons I won't delve into at the moment a few additional accounts were created with UID 0 giving them root access.

I want to get rid of them, but trying to delete the user by username doesn't work as the OS goes by UID and says they are logged in. If I try to log them out all processes owned by root are killed off (ya, learned that the hard way).

I theorize that using usermod might let me change the UID - but I don't know if that will also affect the root account.

Should I just create a dummy account, then edit /etc/passwd to set the UID and group for each account to the UID / group of the dummy account, then remove them all?

What do you suggest that will not result in locking up the server?

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You might also just delete the relevant lines /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. You don't need to do anything else.
Just edit /etc/password and change the "wrong" UIDs to numbers of your choice.

You can delete these accounts then by means of "userdel", if you wish.
RKFcomputersAuthor Commented:
Thank you both!

Sadly I'm not getting alerts from Experts Exchange, so I didn't see these until now.

I've copied the passwd to a backup, just in case, then deleted all the users but one. That one I'll probably change to a new user number.
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