Calendar invite changing to weird times Outlook 2010 SP1/exchange 2007 SP3 rollup 8

Ok guys I have a very weird issue that is occuring with a 32 bit client Windows 7 machine/Outlook 20101 sp1. Users are at a particuliar site are having the same issue intermittantly. What is occuring is a user will send out an invite and intermittantly the message will change the block of time for a certain user or users but not the user who placed the calendar meeting. EX: User A sends a message to userB, Userc and userD for a 10:00am-10:30am meeting. User C will receive the meeting invite but for 12:00PM-3:00pm.

We have done the obvious troubleshooting like confirming the PC time and time zone, Confirming the calendar time zone, Looking at the domain controllers and global catalog time zones. We have ran the test-outlookwebservices command to test free/busy. We have also confirmed this occuring in Outlook Web Access also. We have moved some of the users to other exchange servers and this is still unqiue to their site. I ran a gpresult /v command and there is nothing with outlook indicating the problem. Anyone have any ideas on what this issue could possibly be or point me in the right direction, thanks
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techdriveConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I should have written about this early. We found the issue to disappear after we change the auto accept to none in the get-mailboxcalendar settings command.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it is a timezone problem as calender invites are sent using UCT/GMT time
techdriveAuthor Commented:
We have exhausted time zone settings in the calendar outlook 2010 , on the machine and the domain controllers. They are also using daylight savings time.
Are they accepting the invites on any mobile devies or home pc's (OWA)?   I've had a similar problem in the past and it was TimeZone problem from a phone they were accepting it on.
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