Change Number to Month in Lotus Notes (1 = Jan, 2 = Feb etc.)

Withing my form there's a field (fld_compdate) that is set to a date when a document is complete (button pressed).

I am attempting to setup a view that will display by year then month.



I have setup the 1st collum to @year(fld_compdate) categorized.
2nd Collum @month(fld_compdate) but this returns a number not a month in text format.
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Just tested it with column formula =@Date(@Year(@Created); 1; 1) and 2nd column @Date(@Year(@Created);@Month(@Created);1)

works as designed. Got your output if I just put in @Created in both columns.

Note: The advantage of using this method is that although the month names are displayed as text, the sort order is in date order.  Since the sort and categorize utilize the underlying date value, you must process the date to get the desired categorization.
So your column one formula should be @Date(@Year(fld_compdate); 1; 1) (which will generate 1 different value per year)
Your column two formula should be @Date(@Year(fld_compdate); @Month(fld_compdate); 1) (which will generate 1 different value per month)

The only othe reason of the categoriztion not working properly is that these two columns are not the first two columns, and another sort order prevails and throws the desired result off.

Please report results.
Shouldn't process the field, but adjust the display of the field:
For the year column, set the display as follows:
Year only display of dateFor proper categorization, set formula of the column as @Date(@Year(fld_compdate); 1; 1)

For the month column set the display as follows:
Month only display of dateThe formula of the column should be @Date(@Year(fld_compdate); @Month(fld_compdate); 1)
UnifraxAuthor Commented:
This doesn't completely work.
For every day there is a month and year entry.
UnifraxAuthor Commented:
Great that works perfectly!

I have created a third collum which shows the day.
Any ideas on how I could set it to display 1st 2nd 3rd instead of 1 2 3 ?
Unless its an available format option (check the column formatting dialogbox), need a fo
Like d:=@Day(fld_compdate);@Text(d)+@If(d = 1; "st"; d = 2; "nd"; d = 3; "rd"; "th")
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