Create DFS on two separate servers using existing folders


I have two Windows Server 2008 R2 file servers in different locations but in the same domain. I want to create a DFS with one existing folder from each server. Each folder contains lots of pictures, and the idea is that all users will have access to the pictures on both servers but with only one mapped network drive. So users will have a U drive mapped with two folders named Pictures location1 and Pictures location2. Pictures location1 is a folder on server1 and Pictures location2 is a folder on server2.

I've read through this and have installed the DFS role service on one of the servers, but will it have to be installed on both servers?

I can create the namespace root, but I'm not sure how to add existing folders to the namespace. i don't have to replicate the two folders between the servers, as it will be enough to keep the pictures on each server as long as both folders can be accessed from the same network drive.

I hope someine can help me with this.

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ronnie13Author Commented:
Great stuff. Thanks.
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