Compressing Blank space in Excel chart

Is there any way in Excel 2010 when creating a 2-D Column chart to compress the white space between the series of columns if you don't have numbers to graph for some of the series?  For example, say I have the following information:

                       1st    2nd   3rd  
Apples           25     30     27
Oranges        28     32     28
Pears             16               22

So since I don't have a number for Pears for the 2nd period, I want the 2nd series to not have as much space, so to speak, as the other two series.  Is this even possible?  And if so, how?  And is it possible without Visual Basic, because I don't know enough about Visual Basic?

I have attached a file as an example.  The first series doesn't have anything to chart for the Plan Operating Income, so I don't want as much space for that 1st series.  Any way to do this?
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andrewssd3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm afraid there isn't a way that I'm aware of to do this.  Excel will always have to allow room for the series in this situation.  Even if you use #N/A for the value, it will still show a blank are with equal width to the other series.  In most cases I would expect this would be what you'd want, otherwise the chart could be confusing or even misleading.
esu4236Author Commented:
Not really a solution, but an answer.  Thanks so much!
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