SBS 2008 Invisible Missing Emails

I'm hoping someone could explain what is happening, as I have a client who wants some answers to why it’s happening. And it seems it is only affecting 1 User throughout the company (let’s call him Peter).

Server Setup: SBS 2008

Client Setup: Windows 7, Outlook 2010

Email comes into an Exchange 2007 Distribution Group (3 Users are members of this distribution Group), 2 User receive this email as normal, the 3rd (Peter) doesn’t.

Checking the Exchange logs, Exchange processed this email and transferred it to all 3 Users mailboxes.

We have checked Peter's mailbox, each folder and even the Recoverable Deleted items. We have done this within Outlook 2010 and OWA. The Email isn’t there.

I did a search on his mailbox using Exchange Command Shell:
Export-Mailbox -Identity Peter -TargetMailbox Neil -TargetFolder PeterRestoreEmail -SubjectKeywords "Website Enquiry"

I Open Outlook Web Access logging as Neil, I scroll down to the newly added Folder "PeterRestoreEmail" and there is the Unread Email within his Junk Email Folder.

Peter has placed this distributed email address within his Safe Senders List, so shouldn’t even go into the Junk Folder.

How come the email cannot be seen within his account and can only be retrieved using the above command to another user’s mailbox? It doesnt make sense.

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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Hope there isnt any rule in Outlook moving this items over to some other folder ?
What if you keep the Outlook closed and check with OWA ?
Does the user uses any HAndheld to sync and hope no settings there affecting this issue ?
Is the issue when emails sent from External or Internal or both ?

- Rancy
APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
Hi Rancy

There isnt any rules applied only the "add to safe senders list" which can be seen within OWA also.

Even with Outlook closed, OWA still doesnt show the email. Peter uses a laptop and travels with it so offline viewing is enabled, which of course uses the OST file rather than real time exchange viewing.

Peter does use a Blackberry but they do not have BES server. His phone is configured using login details.

The issue is External email only,  the primary use of the email address is from their website. A form is filled out and is sent to info@

WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
Have you tried deleting and recreating the distribution group? Maybe something at this level is causing the problem, simple quick and worth a try in my opinion.
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APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
No i haven't recreated the distribution group, but since i have checked it by sending emails to it from different accounts, which all 3 users recieve.

After further investigating the emails from the website to info@ do get through to all 3 users (unlike the user saying he doesnt recieve them), Peter is complaining about this one he hasnt recieve OR should i say Cant See. And i now saying doesnt have any confidence in the email system.

So far as i'm aware its just the 1 email which cannot not be seen or accessed unless i do
Export-Mailbox -Identity Peter -TargetMailbox Neil -TargetFolder PeterRestoreEmail -SubjectKeywords "Website Enquiry"

What i dont understand is why the email cant be seen when the system has actually delievered it to his mailbox ?
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Humm .... had it been E2k10 we could have tried to Search-Mailbox command to get the details .... not available in E2k7.

One thing is strange why Will Exchange or Outlook even not show email only from one Sender ??

What i can suggest is
1. Try moving mailbox in case there is any corruption it will be removed.
2. Export all data to PST create a new Mailbox and Import.

- Rancy
APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
The user has been away on business and is now on holiday. Looking at the issue, this must be a rule problem/corruption.

The only rule i can see within OWA (which isnt a rule of sort), is that the info@hisdomain is in his safe senders list to prevent it going into his junk email folder.

When doing a exchange shell serach on his mailbox "Export-Mailbox" and restoring the serach result to an alternative mailbox, it shows the emails within his Junk email folder. They shouldnt be in there due to the safe senders rule.

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