Need a tool for finding open shares

I am looking for a tools that I can use to scan Windows machines in an active directory domain and look for open shares.  I'm looking for the tool to do the following:

1. Scan at either the domain level, or a range of IPs
2. Enumerate the shares available on the machine
3. Identify the defined access on the shares for the machine.  (Report all the defined access on the share, not just a single user or group that I have to define during the scan.)
4. NTFS permissions defined on the filesystem accessible by the share.

A free tool would be preferred, but we are having problems locating a good tool that will do a wide scan (free or not).

If not a single tool, is there a combination of tools to accomplish what I need?

Any suggestions?

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This tool may help. It's somewhat old, but the SysInternals guys (acquired by Microsoft in 2006) are about as good as they come at designing free, extremely light and useful Admin tools.
Share enum is cool, yes, but it does only scan share permissions and disregards NTFS permissions of the folders underneath. So  unless I'm mistaken, it's somewhat useless when it comes to judging who has/hasn't access to files.

It seems as though there is a tool that can do both: dumpsec. Read
VIBTAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much to both of you!  This has given us what we need!
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