Regular Expression

Can you please give me an example for the following task?

I need to extract the number after "thread" from the following string using regexp_substr in Oracle:

Archived Log entry 86041 added for thread 2 sequence 8100 ID 0xffffffff89e2d6df dest 1:

I was able to extract the first and the last number but not the one following the word thread.

I'd be glad for an example.

Thank you
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
another option without subexpressions

REGEXP_SUBSTR(mystring, '[0-9]+', INSTR(mystring, 'thread '))

and again,  you can use [[:digit:]] instead of [0-9] if you prefer
skahlert2010Author Commented:
Okay, I figured out that I may use this

REGEXP_SUBSTR(mystring, '[[:digit:]]+',2,2)

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However, there are probably numerous other attempts that are interesting to learn. So please don't hesitate if you have a suggestion!
sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if 11g, you can use subexpressions

regexp_substr(mystring,'thread ([0-9]+)',1,1,null,1)

without subexpression

substr(regexp_substr(mystring,'thread [0-9]+'),8)
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you can use the posix class instead of range specifier in either of the solutions above
skahlert2010Author Commented:
Just what I needed!

Thanks again sdstuber! Nice examples!

Anything you don't have an answer for??? :-)
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
examining a logfile can be cumbersome
>> did you check table v$archived_log ?
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