Crystal 8.5 text box border lines - can you change the thickness?


I have a text box in Crystal is there a way of making the border lines thinner? I need to use a text box as the text is expandable.
many thanks
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can it is the format of the field
Open the report in CrystalRight click the textbox
Click the BORDER tab (second tab)

I don't see an option in CR XI so I suspect you can't

I have the same issue. The thinnest I could go to is "Single Line" (which is 1pt) under the Format Border tab. Is there a way to make it even thinner? Say 0.5 pts? I see that boxes can be that specific, but they are not expandable with the data. Text objects, on the other hand, are expandable, but the borders look very think when printed.

Is there a line style code I could use?

Any advice is appreciated.
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