SQL Mirror Database setup

We have Desktop - Customer Management Application developed in .Net Framework running on multiple user computers. We use SQL 2008 Database for our .Net Application.

I am interested to mirror the SQL Database from Server 1 (Production Server) to Server 2.

1) SQL Backup scheduler is setup on Server1. How does this mirror feature works ? Whether Data on Server 1 will flow instantly to Server 2 ?? Does it depends on some kind of Trigger or Job Scheduler on Server 1 ??

2) Whether this will affect the SQL Backup Database Scheduler on Server 1?

3) Can we schedule the Backup activity on both Server 1 as well as Server 2?

4) What will happen if Server 1 or Server 2 fails like lost the network connection or something like that ?? How does Application will automatically switch from one server to another server ??

Can an expert clarify and help me to take a decision about setting up Mirror Database ??
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Ramesh Babu VavillaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check my blog to setup mirroring

2) not it will not effect the backup job of the database

3)we can take Backup Jobs on the Server A, But not on the Server B,as the database on the Server B is in NO-Recovery mode

4)if the is a network Failure ,then Restart the MIrroring EndPoint
chokkaStudentAuthor Commented:

4) If there is a network failure or server down, then restart the mirror end point

Whether this will not do automatically ??
chokkaStudentAuthor Commented:
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