IIS Manager - Sites and Application pool do not respond

Hello everyone,

I'm primarily a developer having to contend with a Sys admin issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1. IIS 7 Manager does not expand "Sites" or "Application Pool"
2. Accessing the URI (internal or external) on a web browser leads to a time out (says the site is online but no response)

Possible Cause:
1. The binding on Site - SBSWebApplication on port 443 was deleted

More info:
1. On opening IIS Manager (7) "Sites", the Snap-in becomes unresponsive to clicks (It does NOT say "not responding"). It stays unresponsive and has to be killed via task manager.
2. Stopping W3SVC via GUI: The service took too long to shutdown and the GUI timed out. It just says "stopping" under status and cannot be started or stopped.
3. Stopping W3SVC via elevated CMD: cannot be stopped - error says pause, continue or stop are invalid for this service
4. Start W3SVC via elevated CMD: process already started
5. Event ID info:
Event ID 2001 and 2003 related to IIS counters - "taken too long to refresh w3svc counters, stale counters used instead"
Other IDs relate to WSUS (which needs IIS running I assume) and the end task on IIS Manager.

Again, any inputs will be greatly appreciated.
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sfmnyAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone,

The issue is now resolved. This is what I ended up doing (unfortunately before I could see your responses at 3:30am EST!). After Googling and checking reference books -

I tried using the taskkill utility with /f switch. That did not kill those processes either (this after trying task manager -> processes).

I had to restore the config file on IIS 7 with:
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe list backup

%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe restore backup "CFGHISTORY_000000####"

I used the oldest available back up. There are 10 config file backups available to you. I did get an error saying could not restart service but I knew that's an issue anyway. Please do not manually update the config file.

I couldn't do a restart ASAP because of business hours and had to wait until midnight. There were no issues while rebooting. I then had to select the appropriate SSL certificate for each website and it's like nothing happened.

Thanks for your inputs on the pskill utility. Hopefully I never have to use it.
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
Are you sure you have the admin login..?

Can you Please restart the Server..? If you don't want to restart then use Pskill utility to kill the IIS service and then restart the service.


Vijay Kadadi
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Kadadi_V is right to suggest a restart.

In addition: Not that it will necessarily fix the issue at hand, but the Fix My Network Wizard and the downloadable Best Practice Advisor will go a long way to helping you with SBS.

sfmnyAuthor Commented:
The IIS 7 config file looked incorrect on visual inspection (open in notepad++ or another application with elevated permission, else you'll get an error) and I had to restore a previous copy. The reboot killed the processes that weren't responding and the pskill utility may have helped there!
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