Outlook 2007 not opening Hyperlinks

Recently My outlook 2007 quit responding to Hyperlinks when clicked inside of an Email.   I get an error saying “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on your computer. Please contact your system administrator." I have tried several fixes I have found on the internet regarding this error and nothing has worked.  Such as resetting IE, exporting the .html class reg key from a working computer to the broken one. Adding the email to the safe senders list. And turning off the Phishing filters in the junk mail settings in outlook.

This is a windows 7 Pro 64 bit system with service pack 1. The browser is IE9 and the office version is 2007 pro. All Microsoft updates have been done  

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
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Hi Tulrich63,

I know of this as a file association problem. Try downloading the HTM/HTML fix from here:


Or you can try manually:

Click Start, and click Default Programs
Click Set program access and computer defaults
Click Custom, select Internet Explorer and click OK
Close and re-open Microsoft Outlook

Dear Tulrich63

Is the issue is only for one hyperlink or for all the hyperlinks ?

Issue is concerned only to you or many users ?

Tulrich63Author Commented:
In answer to your questions. It is only on one computer and it is all hyperlinks.  I did try setting the default program access before you responded. It did not help. I should have included that in my list of things I have tried. (sorry)

Your reg fix did the trick hyperlinks are working again. I will put this file in a safe place. It may be needed again.

Thank you veary much for your help.
Sure thing, glad it helped.
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