digital marketing terms and conditions for signing contract

Dear Experts:

We have finalized the service provider for the digital marketing , we have to sign the contract , can anybody help me in terms and conditions to be mentioned in the contract and also what all the reports to be asked, few more inputs please.

Thanks .
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DrDamnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I sense that the main reason you ask this question is you want to be able to hold your provider accountable for results. So, I'll give you this advice:

All the metrics provided above are a must, but the only way to truly keep score is with cash. All the other numbers are complete dribble if it doesn't bring you a profit. It doesn't matter if you CTR is 91% for the keyword "mouse trap las vegas" if you are selling baseballs in Toronto. Same for search. SEO firms will sell you that you can be #1 on Google for "niche" terms, but usually all that means is they are going to get you on the front page for some vaguely related keywords that no one will search for. So, yes, you're #1, but no... no one ever searches for that term.

With the possible exception of search rankings, which do take a legitimate amount of time to "bubble" to the top, all other forms of paid media placement should yield immediate results.

When I run a campaign on Facebook, Google, or otherwise, I know within 24 hours if I am going to make money or not. Within 5-7 days, the campaign cycle is completed and it was either a loser or a winner.

The only way to keep score with this is by how much money you pull in. How much did you spend, how much did you get back. Period.

The contract should NOT be longer than 90 days without a review period, and should include a 30 day notice provision where you can get out of it (without penalty) for any reason (preferred) or if the ROI < 1 after 30-45 days. (ROI = 1 means break even, ROI <1 means lost money, ROI > 1 means you had a profit).

If after 90 days, you're happy, you should have the option to extend it for 1 month at a time.

Also, you should be looking for your SEO / Marketing firm to be giving you information about who your target audience is. For example, unless you are selling to women between the age of 24-24, who have had some college, are now married, and have young children, you should not even bother with Pinterest. (According to a Pew Research study, that I cannot find the link for at the moment).

It's very tempting to get bedazzled with all the metrics that they can give you. CTR, Conversion rates, etc... but the main thing I always look for in a contract is: "how do I get out of this if I am unhappy" and "how will I know I am unhappy."

It's their job to interpret these numbers for you, counsel you on how to tweak your campaigns, your message, your website, landing pages, conversion funnels, etc...

Don't get caught up in the nuts and bolts. You're the client. You want more money in your pockets than you spend on the marketing guys. Period.

With that being said: if they are showing you metrics that show your website, your products, or anything else that is part of the client acquisition process and / or the customer conversion process and / or product / service delivery is killing your ability to make money, listen, take advice, and adapt.

No marketing campaign is a winner right out of the gate. All the truly profitable ones start small, with small tests on various media, with various content, and various different (scientifically) tested advertising copy. Once the right combination starts to get traction, you start to move in the right direction.

The first dollar is the hardest one to make. After that, you will have traction and a direction in which to move. Until then, be willing to listen to the data that comes back and make the necessary changes to provide true value to your customers. Then do it. (You probably won't like what the data says... I never do, and nor do any of my private clients).

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
@D_wathi don't you have a half dozen questions open right now that all seem to be about this. Has any of those answers given to you helped?
Is this a contact you are signing any a provider will do service for you our a contact you are giving to a customer?
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D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Iam sorry , it is for us the service provider going to give the digital media service , i want to put in contact the deliveriables and reports may i know please what all we can expect accordingly want to put on the contract . please suggest.
freshcontentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Current Organic search performance for <search_terms> with those terms relating to your area of business.  Then, over time show improvements in those search terms areas based on their work.

2. Number of social media touches performed by them per week, and their performance in retweets, Facebook likes, and other social media mentions.

3. Growth in the number of unique, real (there are plenty of fake, automated social media accounts out there) accounts that like your facebook business/company page, +1 your website home page, and twitter follow your brand.  For a suggestion of what this looks like, look at the home page of Experts Exchange where you can see the number of social media followers for the top social media brands - Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn.

FYI - here is a tool to spot fake twitter followers -

4. Reports on Search engine bot crawling - this would come from Google/Bing Webmaster tool reports, and if they/you have instrumented your website with Google Analytics or another analytics platform, the (hopefully growth in) performance metrics and trend lines there.

5. A monthly report defining new search terms that they will be working to help you to become a top 10 search result for.  This might require them to work with you to create new content in these areas, or re-purpose existing content that can be tailored to meet specific informational needs.

If I think of more to add, I will comment further.  Hopefully this is a good start for you.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much,  please provide few more. thanks.
If you are planning to use them for Adwords/Paid Search, I would suggest that they provide you a Cost-per-Acquisition number that measures performance in a funnel -
How many clicks to your site through the Paid Search ad?  How many qualified leads/purchases beyond that?
How are they increasing that number each month?
Are they using Google only?  Bing/Microsoft also?  What is the comparison between the two for your market vertical?

What are the starting number of search terms they are bidding you on?  Is that number expanding month-to-month?

If they are helping you create custom landing pages for PPC ads, what is the click through rate to those landing pages, and the conversion rate on those landing pages?

If they are doing remarketing/retargeting - make them explain in detail how they will NOT be overcounting clicks/conversions that would have come naturally through your other funnels.

If they are doing search remarketing, have them show you the search terms they are using, and then the performance and the month-over-month trending of that performance.

That's all I can think of at the moment...
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